Donor Marketing Funnel

Get More Donors, Increase Average Donations, & Maximize Recurring Donor Base.

We are proud of managing 60+ nonprofit brands.

Every organization has a story to tell, our job is to make sure your story gets heard by the right audience.

How It Works?

First we'll walk you through the process of getting grant dollars to spend on ads to get new visitors. Then we'll create an awesome brand + campaign to capture all your new visitors.

Step One

Validate that your 501(c)3 is eligible to receive grant money for your ad budget.

Step Two

We'll create all the marketing campaign to get maximum results on ad spend.

Step Three

We'll create a awesome landing page to captivate your audience enough to join.

Want we bring
to your Brand?

Years of experience on managing some of america's top brands ranging from Pepsi, Century 21, Better Homes and Gardens, and many others.

Want you can expect
from Reach Cause?

The Bold Truth, and seasoning called the solution to The Problem we may present you with

"Reach Cause has completely changed the way we see donor marketing campaigns. "
Anna Bella
We Cause, Inc.


Our pricing plans are crafted to grow as your company grows, this will enable you to focus more on what is important versus having another bill to pay.

Funnel Starter

The basic core funnel to drive more donors, and increase recurring giving.



Frequently Asked Questions

That really depends on your organizations structure, but on average we see a 2-4 week from beginning to approved timeline.

Well for starters just having a website full of content, confuses the giving decision and confused people will not give. But, giving the potential donor a relevant process that answers the exact questions they have will change everything.

Sure, in order to stay compliant and get the most out of your Ads Grant Account you will need to have a Pro optimize your account. Reach Cause is Google Ads Certified and can also manage your marketing campaigns as well. Just add that feature as an Add-on.

Well to get started we’ll need just a few items from you:

  1. A copy of your 501(c)3 determination letter
  2. A description of your Nonprofit
  3. Access to your Web Hosting Account
  4. A high res logo if possible.

That’s it!